Every other season of Shameless has ended with either Ian or Mickey walking away; this season ended with Mickey firmly planting his feet on the ground and refusing to go anywhere.


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No One Gives A Shit Who You Bang
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Kevin Ball & Mickey Milkovich 

"For better or worse, Ian and Mickey can’t keep away from each other, and it doesn’t seem anyone or anything can keep them apart either."

"Every other season of Shameless has ended with either Ian or Mickey walking away; this season ended with Mickey firmly planting his feet on the ground and refusing to go anywhere." (x)

Ian being amused by Mickey’s blatant jealousy (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

shameless rambling, sorry not sorry

So Kat made me these Shameless Ian/Mickey edits and they are perfect and I love them and I figured I’d throw them out there in case there’s anyone that’s even marginally interested and has a few hours of time to kill. The first two are shorter because they didn’t have quite as much but then Mickey became a series regular in season three so they took off.

season one (aka ‘ian, i’m totally gonna kill you so you better hide a-hole but wait surprise i like having sex with guys so let’s do that instead because that sounds more fun but none of that feelings bullshit, okay’)

season two (aka ‘okay ian we can keep having booty calls but brb i need to try to kill your dad and then end up in juvie again brb’)

season three (aka ‘i totally don’t have a thing for you ian which i will prove by beating the shit out of any guy you sleep with and by having sex with you just minutes before getting married to the russian prostitute my psychotic dad forced me to have sex with while you watched and by just generally being angsty and tortured all the damn time’)

season four (aka ‘well shit i fucked that all up last season so now imma do everything you tell me to do including but not limited to giving blowjobs on command and watching old guys grope you and coming out of the closet to a bar-full of family all culminating with me yelling nc-17 explicit details of our sex life to my abusive homophobic father sorry not sorry’)

Very serious disclaimer/spoilers: this show is not glee, not by a long shot. When the show first started, the media dubbed Ian Gallagher as “the anti-Kurt Hummel” and for good reason. He’s kinda promiscuous, he’s profane, and at times, violent when need be. Mickey is no Blaine Anderson, either. He’s full of self-loathing for almost-but-not-quite the entire series, he’s an underprivileged thug with a near arsenal of guns, and he has the tendency to get way violent with like everybody including random strangers, his dad, and (for one heartbreaking scene) even Ian. Oh and also with anyone that lays a hand on Ian, basically. And oh my god, Terry Milkovich is no Burt Hummel. He’s a violent, abusive homophobe and we see his reign of terror more than once. Like TERROR. This guy is batshit insane.

It’s a darker show by it’s very nature because it’s about poor people growing up in a shitty place with shitty parents and with shitty circumstances. BUT. It’s got a lot of light and humor because it’s about how the family pulls through despite of it. And Ian & Mickey start off by having a pretty effed up relationship but I swear they must be endgame because a bunch of the cast publicly ships them, the actors themselves seem to ship it, and the writers/producers/whatever refer to their plots as ‘a love story’ in behind the scenes videos/interviews.

Okay and FYI, Kat knew I’d be watching them so she added some bonus stuff that’s not strictly Ian/Mickey but still fucking awesome. There’s some Lip & Ian scenes because they are hands down my favorite siblings on pretty much any show ever. They have such a strong relationship and for a good chunk of time, Lip is the only one that knows about the two of them. So yeah, there’s some of that (including part of a pretty sweet fight they have wherein Ian goes the ‘silent treatment’ route and Lip goes the clearly underused ‘throw a watermelon’ route). There’s also some Kev & Mickey scenes because they have the potential to be the best bromance ever. Yeah okay sure, on two occasions they both rob each other but hey, that’s what happens when you start a pimping business with a friend. So yeah, there’s some of them, too (including Kev’s classy bar toast of “to butt buddies, long may they slam and slap” after Mickey comes out).

tl;dr - hey guys, check out Shameless! but enter at your own risk because it’s probably got like 38497234896 triggers!

I went on vacation for like ten days and came back to intense shameless spoilers (THANKS A LOT, KAT) that I am not emotionally equipped to handle. so now I’m drowning myself with shameless gifs. advanced apologies.