So the time has come, guys.  Instead of dragging it out, I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve watched my last glee, written my last Klaine.  I’ll miss this whole fandom like crazy so thank you to everyone who has ever read anything I wrote or commented or liked or reblogged it.  Y’all are awesome and you’ll never ever never know how much I appreciated every nice thing you’ve said to/about me. 

I’m filled with way too much negativity about this show, though.  I watch TV to make me happy so I can’t bring myself to fixate on a show that makes me so UN-happy.  What’s the point, right?

So yeah.  I’m not trying to bring the mood down or bitch about the show or whatever.  I just wanted to keep everyone that follows me in the loop just in case they want to like, UN-follow me.  I mean, I’m not going anywhere and it’s not like I’m deleting fic or whatever!  But I’m not exactly going to be posting anything of interest to you, either, unless you happen to love Ian, Mickey, and Lip as much as I do.   Shameless is my new jam, yo.

Here is all my stuff on ao3 and here’s my fic tag on tumblr in case anyone wants it all in one place instead of sifting through the other crap I post.

Keep being awesome, guys.  So long and thanks for all the fish.

well shit, son, that’s how you do a season finale.

incidentally, that’s the first time since I was diagnosed ten years ago that I’ve ever liked the way a show portrayed bipolar disorder. I usually roll my eyes but well done, shameless. four for you.

3x12 / 4x11
in which mickey learns exactly how to make ian stay

I won’t post all of the anon messages I got since I’ve probably pissed off enough people today but I just wanted to say thank you to everyone! I feel better and validated knowing that I’m not alone.

I had another anon message that I want to post about Adam and Sam but you’re right, we’ll probably inadvertently start wank if I do. just know that I definitely see where you’re coming from and I think a lot of issues/wank in this fandom stem from people taking sides in terms of kurt vs. blaine.

NOT TRYING TO START FIGHTS, PEOPLE, because I love both of these guys so much.

just like a general question: why do people hate blam? I mean, I haven't really seen many of the episodes with blam and stuff, but why do people dislike it so much?

oooh, I like this question.

now? now I think they’re pretty fun. that platonic friendship is actually kinda cute. their interactions in the season 4 finale are great and their lines/delivery about “introspective” still to this day makes me laugh. most of the time, I have a soft spot for Sam/Chord.

then? back then it was awful. kat really shielded me from so much of their plot and I didn’t find out about the whole awkward serenade thing until just recently. but yeah, three main reasons: a) the show has done the crushing-on-a-straight-guy thing three times now. it was hard enough (but still a great plot) to watch with it kurt and finn. rehashing plotlines is a weak way to run a show. b) the show had the opportunity to showcase a really great straight guy/gay guy bestie friendship and not turn it into a cliched stereotype but then… they turned it into the same old cliched stereotype. and c) kurt is in New York with a damn boyfriend pillow and crying over moulin rouge while blaine is off dreaming over some other guy. it just made me sad.

I really really hope I’m not coming off as an a-hole with these answers. everyone has their own (valid!) opinion so I’m not trying to shit all over that. I’ll be the first to admit that my opinions are usually delusional (usually rooted in my deep adoration of Artie/Kevin) so please don’t think I’m a dbag.

I just read your answer to the other anon and I wanted to ask - respectfully - what was upsetting about last weeks Glee because after a long time, I felt so very good about the show because of that ep. I know a lot of people want Klaine living together, I totally get that, but they were front and center, and were shown to be a loving couple, even when they hit a rough patch. It was the happiest I'd been with the show in a very long time, so I don't really understand what was upsetting about it.

yeah I figured there were a lot of people that really liked the episode and I know I’m probably in the minority but the whole ending was too much for me. I loved that they were front and center and I loved that they fought and that there are clearly things they can’t resolve in one episode. but they’re getting MARRIED. what’s the reasoning of NOT living together? their problems and issues aren’t going to go away. eventually they’ll have to learn how to do it. if they were just dating and decided it was too much too fast then that’s one thing. but they’re not dating; they’re engaged. they know that they’ll be sharing space soon enough so they should be working on how to do that, not running from it and deciding to work on it later. to me, the reason they’re not living together is so that fox doesn’t have to worry about two gay guys living in an apartment together showing affection and intimacy. they’ll throw us a bone every once in awhile but this way they can avoid having to show it every week.

meanwhile, blam is safe. kurt and blaine can’t share a hugeass loft without getting in each other’s way but blaine and sam can share a single room with bunk beds? okay, network guy.

lol hope that didn’t come off disrespectful to you. I’ve just been holding that in, I guess.

Are you please please please gonna continue the CrissColfer prologue thing soon? I only read it yesterday and I'm desperate for the continuation.

I’m struggling so hard with glee right now so… idk, I don’t want to make any promises. (which I’m so so sorry about.) last week’s episode was rough and basically my final straw. I stopped watching glee in season 3 when Kevin stopped getting plots/songs and Klaine became background and other people took center stage. I watched I think two whole episodes of season 4 and maybe one so far in season 5. kat’s kept me updated on Klaine/Artie but I decided that now that we’re in New York, I’d start up again.

And then THAT happened. which is such network bullcrap.

tl;dr: I’m on the edge of bailing. I’m trying not to but there you have it.

I’m so fucking over this show. I can take a lot but blam sharing a room? This is not what I signed up for.

well shit, I sure picked the best damn time to start shipping Mickey and Ian on Shameless, now didn’t I.

it’s no secret that possessiveness and/or jealousy is my total weakness in any fandom I’ve ever been in so if you’re like me, I recommend you take a crash course in Mickey Milkovich. trust me.